Our Wines

A unique self-service wine tasting experience.

Using our beautiful ‘state-of-the-art’ Italian-made wine dispensers, we are able to keep over 60 different wines open and available for tasting at any given time, confident that each pour reflects the quality and integrity of the wine itself. And as the customer, you not only get to choose the wines you wish to sample, you also pour your own tasters, enabling you to try new wines, styles and varieties, compare and contrast, and enjoy at your leisure.

With Martinborough’s most comprehensive range of locally produced wine available for taste & by the glass, delicious small plates & platters, a charming, casual yet luxurious venue, and our unique ‘try before you buy’ wine selection opportunity, we are a wine bar, eatery and retail experience like no other!

With the simple push of a button you dispense the wine yourself.

Once you have selected the wine that you wish to sample, you can dispense the wine in any of three different sizes – a 25ml taste, a 75ml half glass, or a 150ml full glass. Follow our three simple steps.

Not sure where to start your wine tasting experience?

The Wine Bank team are all wine enthusiasts! And they all have a great deal of experience in, and knowledge about the wine industry, and in particular the wines produced here in Martinborough and the Wairarapa.

We are happy to hear more about your tastes and preferences and we want to share our knowledge about the wines we offer, and can suggest wines that we think might suit your palate. Of course, you may prefer to discover the wines for yourself and at your own pace, and we also have tasting notes and reviews available in booklets, or on our website accessible via your smart phone or device for reference. Experience our wines your way!

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