Dry River Wines ‘Lovat’ Gewürztraminer 2018

Martinborough | $58

The warmer vintages like the 2018 benefit our Alsace varieties in the vineyard for the style we pursue, in this case Gewurztraminer: a broader, denser wine with full, decadent aromatics and a touch of residual sugar.

Hallmark aromatics of quince, ginger, rose petals and lychee are seamlessly woven into more difficult to decipher aromatics; perfumed stone fruits and papaya with lifted spices. Some of the 2018 Botrytis bunch selection wine was blended into this to provide some more depth – honey suckle and orange peel characters with fresh, dried herbs.

The palate is structured, even a bit stern at first, then becoming more ‘elastic’ and viscous with the alcohol spreading through the wine, giving an element of buoyancy. The well natured character is reflective of the vintage: warm, calm, soft with a bright spark and a friendly twinkle. The botrytis portion expresses honey rate and orange marmalade. We see a marked duality in the evolution over the palate where it spreads and broadens, then dries and salivates, but is never lost in direction.

If possible, refrain from drinking this wine for the first two to three years, it will open up and soften beautifully.        Dry River Wines – Tasting Notes

Dry River Wines


Our goal is to produce wines of optimal phenolic ripeness with ripe fruit flavours and modest alcohol levels that faithfully reflect the site and vintage.

Our approach to winemaking is to preserve rather than enhance. Minimal movements of the young wine, low levels of new oak barrels and a cool cellar environment assist the transition from vineyard to bottle.

All wines are bottled at an early stage of evolution and reach their potential under a natural cork closure. Our wines tend to be slow to evolve in the bottle but as a result of this, are long-lived.

Dry River Wines ‘Lovat’ Gewürztraminer 2018

Martinborough | $58

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