Alexia ‘Gentle Girl’ Rosé 2020

Greytown Wairarapa | $29

Firstborn, spring child – funny, clever and kind. This girl is the gentle force of our lives.”

“There’s more drama than a Shortland Street Christmas special in this wine! Our first 2020 wine released from our Greytown urban winery, Alexia HQ. Made in full lockdown from 100% Pinot Noir and emotion. It’s the wine that almost wasn’t: lockdown began, grapes still hanging on the vines, lost our work crew, weather closing in, press broke, tanks leaked. Just us, two kids in tow 24/7 and a whole lot of grapes.

But we made it, threw everything at it, got it into a bottle and did a little dance for this beautifully fresh, fragrant, weighty and delicious Rosé.

Sourced from the Taratahi Plains north of Greytown. A low wire, densely planted vineyard, on the boniest of ground, creating naturally low yields of intensely favoured bunches.

Raspberry, cherry, spice, charm.

This is our daughter Vita’s wine. We called it ‘Gentle Girl’ because Vita is such a beautiful, gentle soul – thoughtful, sharp as a tack, hilarious, dreamily oblivious and completely her own person.”

Alexia – Tasting Notes


Greytown Wairarapa

Alexia represents the strength and beauty of the matriarchy of my family, particularly my mother, the biggest influence in my life. These understated women established our family values, drove us forward, and held us together through the big, beautiful, fragile messiness of life.

I want my wines to always capture the energy, kindness and love of these inspirational women.

Within a strong matriarchy, family members know there are values that must be lived up to in order to respect what has gone before.

This is why only the best wines will ever make it into an Alexia bottle.” Jane Cooper – Winemaker

Alexia ‘Gentle Girl’ Rosé 2020

Greytown Wairarapa | $29

$29 inc. GST

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