The Tasting Experience

Choose the wine you wish to sample, select your preferred pour size, then simply push the button!

Our automated wine delivery system means that you get to choose your own wine, serve yourself, and enjoy at your leisure. We issue you with a glass and your own personal microchipped card that is used to activate the wine dispenser as well as record your spending. Once activated, you can pour yourself either a 25ml taster, a 75ml half glass, or a 150ml full glass. On completion of your tasting session with us, you present the card at the counter, we scan it, and then charge you accordingly.

Get your wine tasting card & glass at the counter, take to a wine dispenser and insert the card….

Choose the wine you wish to sample, select the size of the pour, and press the button to dispense it….

….once your glass has filled remove your wine tasting card from the wine dispenser….

….now relax and enjoy! Check out our tasting notes to help pick your next wine or grab something to eat

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